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SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool review

Since BI4 has been released a new tool for the semantic layer has been introduced; the Information Design Tool (IDT). This tool is likely to replace the Universe Design Tool (UDT) in the future. In version 4 Explorer (Polestar) will only work on Universes created with the IDT and the Query Browser of Dashboard Design (Xcelsius) will also only work on Universes created with the IDT.

I’ve spent a few days on the tutorials and the tool itself, in this post my findings.

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Upgrading from XI 3.1 to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.0

I’ve been working on a test-upgrade from BO XI 3.1 to SAP BO4. Here’s what I did, and my findings so far. I haven’t tested the outcomes thoroughly yet, so I might miss some flaws, and I might accuse some errors to the upgrade process while they might be caused by some other factor(s).

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